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  • January 2023
  • Homepage 1.0
  • 🏠 Homepage:
    To begin the year, we're introducing a huge feature. You now have your own private space, where you'll be able to organise your work, create multiple boards. All spaces are editable so give them a name, and arrange them the way you prefer 😃
  • December 2022
  • Log-in & Sign-up 1.1
    Bugs & Improvements
  • Side panel: Title & Subtitle lengths have been increased to... unlimited characters, so you can write super looooong titles
  • Side panel: the text editor will #remain even if you delete the intro line
  • Side panel: auto-width has been adjusted to a fixed value for better UI
  • November 2022
  • Log-in & Sign-up 1.0
    Walkthrough 1.1
    Bugs & Improvements
  • Board: improved de-zoom to have a wider look at the board
  • Board: automated straight lines between steps
  • Walkthrough 1.1: complete redesign and improvement of the user onboarding. Now it is simpler, more accurate, and easier to navigate from one stage to another.
    - CMD + A : add new step
    - CMD + L : link two steps
    - CMD + Right : open side panel
    - CMD + E : edit title in side side panel
    - CMD + Left : close side panel
    - CMD + Select : to select multiple steps
    - if you’ve already ran the walkthrough, click on ? to do it again and see what’s changed!
  • General: New Log-in 1.0 & Sign-up 1.0 forms are available. There are still some UI/ UX improvements that need to be added. They're coming soon in version 1.1 .
  • Board: enlarged anchors to make it easier to connect two steps
  • Side Panel: Fixed a bug with the auto-width
  • Side Panel: Fixed a bug with the editor that stretched out of the window on certain cases
  • General: Change of icon to a more modern and simple style
  • Side Panel: automatic centering of board when a side panel is opened, so that the latter doesn't hide the steps
  • Walkthrough 1.0: we’ve added a quick walkthrough for easy onboarding
    - Once you're done with the onboarding process, you have 2 options: start blank or use template
    - For people that already use Tadaa, you will need to clear your cookies to view it
  • Menu: we’ve added two new options access slack and ? to open the walkthrough
  • Board: better usability for the trackpad and the mouse
  • October 2022
  • Walkthrough 1.0
    Text editor 1.0
    Bugs & Improvements
  • Side panel: Integrations: links are now enabled so you can embed all the softwares you need to centralize your knowledge in Tadaa
    - + to add a new block, and then add link
  • General: You can now chat live with us to communicate
  • Side panel: general improvements to improve the flow
  • CMD + Click = multi-selection
  • Shift + Click = capture selection
  • Board: Copy-paste is now available
    - add-remove connectors between steps easily
    - navigate through the steps without opening the content pane
    - 2-finger navigation
    - wider anchor space
  • Side panel: double-click on the step to open the side panel
  • Side panel: we've added more space to write down your knowledge and documentation
  • Board: we've increased the padding on the anchors to make it easier to select and link steps, and we've aligned button state throughout the app
  • Board: the subtitle length now fits perfectly in the step!
  • Side panel: we've removed few bugs around copy/paste, margins, text alignment, line height, dynamic pane
  • Board: we've simplified the steps’ arrows UI and UX
  • General: we've upgraded all the button’s default/hover/pressed states
  • Side panel: for the documentation, we've implemented additional components so that you can customize your text and resources, with:
    - new headings,
    - checklist,
    - quotes,
    - tables,
    - links,
    - lists, etc….
  • Board: we've set up a template by default so that users can instantly get started in less than 3 clicks

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